Food Truck Marketing Channels

Best Marketing Channels for Food Trucks, Part 2

Digital Channels: Social media sites aren’t the only digital platforms useful in food truck marketing. Websites are another useful tool used in marketing your food truck business.

One of the first steps in creating an effective promotional plan, along with creating Facebook and Twitter profiles, is developing an attractive website.

With services like WordPress and Wix, it is easy to design, customize, and update your website without hiring outside help. Include contact information, links to your social media profiles, hours of operation, menu, email list signups, and your current location on your website and make sure it is viewable on mobile devices.

You can embed social media posts into your site to seamlessly update your trucks location without having to go into the backend of your website.

Without new activity, your website might not perform well in search engine results. For this reason, it is a good idea to start a blog that you update regularly. Consider including engaging content similar to your social media posts or using blog posts as social media content.

Email marketing is another great way to reach customers through the internet. Have patrons sign up as they check out at the food truck or when they visit your website and offer incentives. When you give people a coupon in exchange for signing up, your list will grow quickly.

Once you have an email list developed, send out newsletters, invitations to events, blog posts, and messages informing customers of email exclusive contests and offers. Sending information straight to a patron’s inbox increases the chances that they will see it when compared to social media, where your posts are mixed in with a slew of other types of content and getting pushed further down the line every second.

Cross-promote with a local brewery as a marketing strategy

SMS or text message marketing is similar to email marketing; only you collect people’s phone numbers rather than their email addresses. Some may be less willing to hand out their digits, so you may have to sweeten the offer to get people to agree.

However, once they do, you will have even better access to this set of loyal customers. Text messages have a high open rate and are usually seen almost immediately by recipients. Send out a text message at the last minute, for the end of the day, offering specials for the last two hours of service to instantly increase that day’s sales.

Expand the reach of your business by becoming part of the local food truck and restaurant directories.

Search the web for sites or applications that provide customers with information on food trucks in your area, and you can gain access to a set of potential patrons who only look for food trucks via platforms that have information on groups of them rather than personally doing research to find individual food truck sites. Usually, all you need to do to sign up is send an email or fill out a form providing the service with the necessary data on your business.

Another way to develop greater awareness of your food truck online is to get featured in food or food truck blogs. Find out who the industry influencers are in your area, figure out how to contact them, and reach out.

Incentivize bloggers and critics to review your food truck with a gift card, and you’ll increase the response rate.

Location Based/Local Channels

Local SEO strategy helps you rise in search engine rankings for online searches that include a particular area.

If you optimize your website to contain keywords most often provided in these searches, your site can land on the first page of search results. It is important because most users don’t read past the first or second page of search results, choosing their dinner spot from one of the first listings to appear.

Try adding an address to your food truck’s website. Even though you don’t have an actual address, you might have a P.O. box or a place where people can send you mail. If this address is in the same city or town where you serve food, it can be an excellent way to move your site up the rankings.

Community-based marketing is another approach that food truckers can use to their advantage.