How To Book Sought-After Events, Part 1

Hiring food trucks to cater parties has become an event industry trend, and with good reason. Food trucks offer great benefits at a more affordable price than their traditional catering counterparts and bring an element of excitement to parties that encourage socializing among attendees.

When expanding into catering, continue to provide excellent, fresh food. Most caterers prepare food ahead of time and transport it to events. Food trucks can bring cooked-to-order food that is more interesting than typical catering fare right to a client’s doorstep.

Since hiring a food truck can be more economical than catering, someone who normally prepares their own party treats may consider other options. Choosing a food truck allows a host to offer their guests delicious, interesting menu options without stepping foot in the kitchen or washing a single dish, minimizing stress and freeing up time to enjoy the event they spent so much time planning.

Live up to these expectations by helping to quell your clients’ party planning woes. Making the process easier on clients will lead to greater satisfaction and subsequently increase retention and your chances of receiving recommendations.

Plan ahead and stay organized so that you can guide your clients along the way, streamline their food truck catering experiences, and continue to grow your food truck catering business.

Build the Catering Side of Your Food Truck Business

To provide catering clients with the best possible service, you must first develop and flesh out the catering side of your business.

The first thing you’ll need to do is determine your target market. Consider what type of food you serve, the brand aesthetic, the look of your truck, your food truck’s personality, and how these characteristics align with certain types of events or parties.

Catering parties does not have to mean working weddings and 200 person corporate events, it can mean a public or private party of any size as long as it’s financially viable.

Brainstorm any cause for a celebration such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, going-away party, Quinceañera, holiday party, office party, bar or bat mitzvah, fundraiser, gallery opening, or neighborhood festival.

Decide where your truck fits in best. For example, if you serve grilled cheese, your truck would be great for parties involving children, like birthdays or school events. Bonus points if your food is also healthy, pleasing parents too.