How to Book Sought After Events for Your Food Truck: Parties, Part 2

If you’ve readied your food truck to conquer the world of event catering, then you’ve identified a target demographic. Research your target market, find out how you can grab your ideal client’s attention, and create a viable marketing plan for catering events.

Start with the customers you already have.

Tell your regular food truck visitors that you’re available for parties, write it on the side of your vehicle, shout it out on social media, and share it in emails to your current email subscribers. Give catering-centric brochures or flyers to the lunch crowd and add one to every to-go order.

Tap into your existing customer base, and you are likely to find someone in need of your services or someone who knows someone who needs them.

You can place flyers or brochures at local businesses to promote your food truck catering business to a new set of customers. Leave some at the headquarters of relevant associations and community organizations. While you’re there, offer to cater one of their events for free in exchange for the industry-heavy exposure or a spot on a non-profit event’s sponsorship list.

Pen a press release sharing information on your new service and send it to local television and radio stations, newspapers, and publications. Make it more newsworthy by promoting an event you are hosting to celebrate your food truck’s entry into doing functions and parties.

Add a page to your website that includes information on catering, testimonials, pictures of menu items, photos of past events, and a form for submitting inquiries.

Make it easy for people to contact you and respond quickly to anyone interested in booking to start the relationship off on the right foot.

Change your social media profile descriptions to include your party availability and share the news, relevant content, and photos with your followers. Research directories and booking services that you can join, including those aimed at food trucks, catering, and the event industry.

Many online platforms can connect you with clients, such as Roaming Hunger, a website with a national directory of food trucks that cater parties. Write a guest post for a local event, food truck, catering, or culinary blog and be sure to mention catering in your article for access to that site’s party hungry readership. The majority of people find services they need on the internet.

Having an attractive, memorable, and informative online image is essential to gaining more clients, as is doing everything you can to spread that image as digitally far and wide as possible.

Run Google or Facebook advertisements promoting your event services to reach beyond your existing online network. Optimize SEO to guarantee a spot at the top of search engine results.