How To Use Customer Incentives To Build Email Lists

Customer Incentives : Ultimately, people join email lists to get benefits. Make sure there is something in it for the customer, or good luck gathering a list longer than your immediate family and your ten fingers.

Offer customers something in return for signing up, like $5 off their next purchase, a free drink with their next sandwich, or a buy one get one free deal if they bring, and sign up, a friend during their next lunch break.

Other ways to access customer emails and provide something in return are online ordering and rewards programs. Implement an online ordering system that allows patrons to pre-order their meal, skip the line, and pick up their food at a set time.

When they order online, let customers know they are signing up to receive news on the truck’s location and exclusive discounts. Give customers the option to join your loyalty program, in which they receive special offers based on number of visits via email, as they check out.

Close on opportunities to reach new customer bases by offering incentives to event attendees or participating in cross-promotions with local businesses. When you are serving customers at a summer festival or charity event, give everyone who signs up for your email list a free side or drink.

It’s likely that most customers are experiencing your food truck for the first time. It’s unlikely that anyone will pass up such a good deal. Now you’ll have access to people who probably wouldn’t have known about your food truck otherwise.

Partner with a local organization to gain access to their email followers by providing a prize for a contest they are hosting. They’ll tell their customers about the prize and how to enter the contest, by signing up for your newsletter.

Offering incentives allows you to take advantage of being exposed to groups that you don’t normally encounter on your day-to-day route.

As your business grows, you will need to be creative to keep customers engaged.

  • Host an old-school, business card in a fish bowl contest and let entrants know they are agreeing to subscribe to your emails.
  • Host a contest for your social media followers in which they post a photo at the truck, tag your business, and complete another task like tagging five friends, hashtagging their favorite dish, or – signing up for emails.
  • Host contests exclusive to your email subscribers. Think outside of the box and offer customers valuable and exciting prizes. Let them vote on which dish to add to the menu, nominate an item’s name, or collectively decide on the truck’s new exterior design.
  • Choose the best response or draw the winner’s name from a hat and give the victor a free lunch for four, an opportunity to shadow the truck for a day (or a meal), or free desert with purchase of a meal for three months (limited to one per day). Keep on brainstorming and you’ll come up with ideas that create a connection between the truck and its followers/subscribers and make becoming a part of your food truck’s community good old-fashioned fun.