How to Build a Customer Email List for Your Food Truck

No matter how busy you are refining recipes, designing a kitchen layout, and sourcing equipment and supplies, dedicate time to developing a solid marketing plan when opening a food truck. The plan will incorporate various strategies and approaches, including the utilization of social media to share basic information and real-time location.

It should also include a form of online marketing often overlooked by food truck owners that can offer tremendous benefits, email marketing. When you build a customer email list, you can target specific audiences as it becomes strategically viable.

Email provides you with a more personal, direct way to connect with customers than social media. While you depend on your Twitter followers to see your posts based on the time of day they check their feeds, on your Facebook fans to do the same, and on Facebook’s algorithm to decide to include your posts in those fans’ feeds, emails go directly to hungry patrons’ inboxes.

With preparation and a creative outlook, email marketing can become a tool for gaining new customers, engaging and rewarding existing ones, and promoting your business.

The first step in any promotional plan is to define a target market. Most food trucks will be catering, at least in part, towards a lunch crowd, or the type that might not have time for social media in the morning, but will be obligated to check email first thing, everyday.

Social media is a must in the food truck world, but without supplementing your strategy with email marketing, you are missing out on potential sales.

Ways to Collect Customer Email Addresses

 To collect as many email addresses as possible, make it easy for customers to sign up. Have a visible sign-up field on all pages of your website, links on all social profiles, and a painless, on premise option.

A benefit of email marketing is that you can ask for more than basic information. Collect birthdays and offer a discount during customers’ birth months, or zip codes and alert fans when the truck will be close, but don’t make it too complicated or it may deter would-be subscribers.

Asking for additional information is easier on a digital platform, like one integrated with your POS that guides customers through each step, than with traditional pen and paper.

Streamlining the sign-up process by combining it with checkout gives you a better chance of obtaining more emails since you will ask each guest to join.

It also makes the process easier for the clientele. If they are already providing their email for a digital receipt, all they have to do is agree to receive special offers and exclusive discounts.

For people to sign up on a notepad to the side of the register, they have to notice the sign-up sheet and take the time to join.