Where to Buy Food Truck Equipment, Part One

WHERE TO BUY FOOD TRUCK EQUIPMENT – Food items are not the only supplies needed to begin a successful food truck operation. You’ll need kitchen equipment, cooking supplies, serving dishes, utensils, cleaning supplies, and various logistical items.

With so many angles to contemplate, it can be easy to overlook something, but missing even the smallest detail can throw a wrench into your operational process.

First, figure out what equipment and supplies are absolute necessities. Also plan on how to store everything before you pull out the plastic. Start to make purchases only once you are equipped with a detailed shopping list, a storage and layout plan, and have thoroughly researched retailers, used marketplaces, and other options for getting the supplies you need.

Do the preliminary planning far ahead of the food truck’s opening date so that you have time to shop around and buy what you need, including time for shipments to arrive and time to set up the interior of the truck. You won’t want supplies to be delivered the morning before your first lunch service as you’ll likely have lots of other details to hash out last minute, not to mention nerves to fight off, excitement to control, and butterflies to quell.

Employ the strategies discussed below to ensure that you are totally prepared when purchasing equipment and supplies for your food truck and keep the feeling that you’ve forgotten something at bay.


You will need to determine what you really need before you start shopping. The number one deciding factor in equipment need is your menu. In order to make and serve each menu item, you’ll need the corresponding supplies. 

Sit down and run through making each item in your head and write down every tool, utensil, and serving and storage dish you will need. Imagine yourself opening, closing, and cleaning the truck and write down the items needed for these processes as well.

Remember to stock plates and utensils for serving and that these are an extension of your brand. If you will be serving organic, sustainable food, make sure you have environmentally friendly plates, cups, straws, and to-go boxes.  Go over this list a few times to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

If your local laws require the use of a commissary or prep kitchen, this may change which items you need to purchase. Many items will be available for use already including cleaning products and food items, and therefore you won’t need to install them on your truck.