How to Charge Your Food Truck Customers Using Square

There are tons of food truck Point-Of- Sale (POS) systems to choose from. Narrow down the options and go with a tablet/smart phone compatible one, such as Square, to conserve precious counter space.

It is easy to use and offers more than credit card processing at a reasonable price. Square charges 2.75% of swiped transactions, and a little more for online or keyed-in orders.

If you already have a device, purchasing a cash drawer, a printer, and a stand will cost you around $500. Add an iPad and it will cost more like $1000.

Ease of Use

 Square will keep you organized by allowing you to accept all forms of payment, helping you track orders, charging customers accurately, and analyzing data.

Compared to pen and paper, it eliminates most chances for error and streamlines the order process.

Square can process card and cash payment even while offline. Setting up the system is as easy as downloading an application and creating an account.

Square is compatible with different hardware and software, allowing you to customize your system, hook it up to a kitchen display, or integrate an accounting application.

Programming Square is simple. You can create customized buttons for all menu items and easily add modifiers, providing a quick way to customize meals. Square will log orders for you, tracking ticket times and ensuring each customer receives the correct order within an acceptable time frame.

If you are having a busy lunch, Square can help you keep ticket times down. Customers can pre-order online or staff can take multiple orders simultaneously.

Order extra card readers so employees can take orders throughout the line, at the same time, and orders can be delivered faster.

Square will automatically figure sales tax so you always charge accurately. You can program Square to calculate percentage of sales or to show set dollar amounts as options for tips, which are displayed on the screen before a customer signs for their order. Funds are deposited directly to your account within 1-2 business days.