How to Create a Food Truck Calendar, Part 2

Food truck parks are becoming a more and more popular option for doing business. A group of food trucks attracts more customers because it is more visible, has reliable, consistent hours, and has options for everyone in a large group. It provides the owners with security of location and omits the possibility of getting parking tickets. When an owner is new in the food truck business, it is smart to network and get to know other people in the industry.

By building relationships with fellow owners, one is more likely to be invited to a food truck park or gathering, hear about local events, and learn of good places to park.

In order to start off on the right food with others in the field, a new food truck owner has to respect the competition and avoid stepping on any territorial toes. It is better to try and find new parts of town with developing business and commercial districts rather than to follow the most established trucks in a city.

This gives a owner the chance to establish themselves as a regular in a new area without upsetting anyone else by taking their reserved-in-spirit parking space or absorbing their traditional clientele. If it is necessary to park where there is already an over-saturation of food trucks, try parking near a non-competing truck and working out opposing schedules with competing trucks.

Respecting other businesses applies to finding locations in other instances as well. Parking close to a brick-and-mortar restaurant with similar fare may not please its owners. Since food trucks are more prone to trouble with the law, it is a good idea to avoid situations where law enforcement may become involved. In general, when parking outside of any type of business, a food truck owner should make sure it’s okay with the establishment’s proprietor.

In fact, when a food truck owner introduces himself or herself to the owner of another business, they initiate a relationship that could become something more of a beneficial partnership.

Designing collaborative events is a great way to attract more customers to both businesses. In some situations, simply parking outside of another institution can attract more customers for both businesses. For example, if a food truck gets permission from a gas station owner to park in its lot, the food truck will gain patrons who would normally purchase food from the gas station and the gas station will attract more business as people driving by in need of gas and lunch see that there is a food truck open on the property.

Even if some sort of mutual attraction is not the end result of building a relationship with another business owner, it can at least create a lasting and steady location for a food truck. Getting to know the owner of a bar where a truck parks late at night will foster a friendship in which the bar proprietor expects the food truck and possibly even saves space for it to set up.