Cross promotion with other businesses reduces costs and increases your brand awareness.

How To Cross Promote With A Food Truck, Part 2

Corporate/Non-Local Cross Promotion: Cross promotions with other food trucks enable larger businesses to directly interact with their customers.

Reach out to corporations or companies with primarily online platforms and see if they’d be interested in cross promotion. You can go as far as letting them re-wrap your truck to represent both brands at an event. You’ll be exposing your brand and food to a new group of people while allowing your partner to provide their customers with an interactive experience.

Big corporate partners usually want to give guests free food, so you can often work out deals to ensure you are paid substantially in predetermined amounts. Make sure guests sign up for your email list or follow your social media profiles to get the free goods.

Cross promotion is most effective when you work with a company that is relevant to your industry.

Partnering with another business is a great marketing strategy and is known as cross promotion.

For example, collaborate with the marketers of the mobile POS or credit card processing system you use on your truck.

Develop a campaign where you advertise the service and offer a discount to customers who pay with plastic. Ensure that your partner pays for the discounts and waives the processing fees in exchange for the exposure and customers coming for the sponsored deal support your business by following you on Facebook.

You can collaborate with a company that operates an application to help hungry people find food trucks. Promote it to your customers so that your food truck gets advertised and shows up at the top of local search results within the application and both parties expand their reach.

Cross Promotion with Other Food Trucks & Food Businesses

When you are new to the food truck scene, teaming up with established food truckers to develop cross-promotions will greatly enhance your exposure to the right kind of customers – the customer who loves food trucks.

Remember to approach a truck serving something complimentary to your menu so that you won’t be competing for customers. If you serve juice or cupcakes, find a well-liked truck serving main courses and host a joint event. You’ll immediately become known to every one of those truck’s patrons.

After you establish a solid presence in the industry, you can continue to partner with other food trucks to mutually benefit from different customer pools. You can also use these relationships as a way to save money.

Ask another food truck to split the cost of vending at a local festival. Develop a minimal menu for the day, such as a few different types of flatbread.

This allows space for your partner to set up something like a smoothie station inside the same truck. You can also have them set up a fresh-squeezed orange juice stand in front of the truck (you’ll still have to share cooler and sink space).

Try space sharing in private settings where you and your partners want to be, including wedding and event industry tradeshows.

If gaining access to a competing truck’s customers is too enticing to pass up, ensure that your location schedules don’t interfere and host a joint event. You can both come up with a new menu item based on the event’s theme and serve only those items for the day. Make it a group affair and have various trucks serving different but complimentary, things, like various dishes of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for a jointly hosted, seasonally themed celebration.