Use a menu during event marketing and cross-promotion

How To Cross Promote With A Food Truck, Part 1

As a business on the go, a food truck needs to promote itself wherever it roams.

However, most food trucks don’t have an enormous marketing budget. Channel the same creativity you used to develop and design your truck’s menu and your brand’s aesthetic and you will come up with various ways to get your food into the mouths of hungry customers and your name onto the lips of the masses.

One great way to spread the news about your food truck’s coming without breaking the bank is by cross-promoting it with other businesses.

Cross-promotion is when two or more brands join forces and resources to market their products simultaneously to each other’s clients. You and your partners will gain inexpensive introductions to potential customers and opportunities to grow as long as the targeted customers are willing to support the new business in the same way they already support the other.

The key to cross promotion is finding companies to work with that have the same target market as you and a complimentary product or service, not a competing one.

High pedestrian traffic is a result of great marketing strategies.

To understand the best types of businesses to collaborate with, you need to know your target market. Once you know who your audience is, what they like, what they buy, and where they go, you can start brainstorming other ventures that may attract the same type.

Working with other food trucks can be a great place to start, but don’t limit your options. You can successfully cross promote your food truck with any business, as long as your message will resonate with its audience. Come up with creative campaign ideas together with your partners and make use of your collective resources.

If you and a partner interact with customers in different ways, teach each other how to implement new marketing and audience engagement methods.

Dedicate yourself to building relationships as well as your client base, and you’ll see long-term benefits. You might work with the same partner again, cooperate with them regularly, or meet a future partner or key customer (think catering) through the connection.

When on the lookout for partners, take advantage of coming into contact with so many people every day and get to know as many of them as you can. You never know who you are going to meet.

Types of Cross Promotion

Most of the strategies you already use to market your food truck can be applied to cross promotion.

Host a contest or giveaway in which you provide the prize, and your partner promotes it (and your truck) to their clients. Stipulations for entry should include following your truck on Twitter or signing up for your email list.

The second time around, you and your partner switch roles. Give people who check out at your truck a coupon for an item from your partner’s business or simply add their promotional flyers inside of to-go bags and have them do the same in return. Hang posters or leave coupons at your partner’s location and vice-versa.

Plan a collaborative party or pop-up event. Pool mailing lists and send out cross-promotional messages or joint event invites to the collective group to avoid spamming your partner’s customers. Write a guest post for a food truck blog to reach its audience and share the piece on your social media channels to promote the website.