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A Basic Guide To Food Truck Sourcing

As an entrepreneur in the food truck industry, you want to know how and where to source high-quality ingredients at a fair price.

There are steps you should take to ensure that you are getting the best deal on food supplies and that you are using these supplies in the most efficient manner.

You’ll need to determine an ideal storage situation for your food truck, track inventory and sales, and team up with the most compatible food supplier in order to create the optimal sourcing strategy for your food truck.

Food Truck Entrepreneur

Prepare & Organize Storage & Layout
In order to get the most for your money, plan your storage layout ahead of time. A major challenge for any food truck is the lack of storage and cooler space.

Keep this in mind while designing your truck’s menu and limit the number of ingredients, especially rare or expensive ones, and/or limit the number of menu items themselves.

A streamlined menu will take fewer tools to prepare, saving you room for food storage. When deciding on your food truck’s layout, maximize storage and cooler space without encroaching on the area you’ll need to prepare, sell, and serve food.

Support a smart storage layout by minimizing and thoughtfully choosing other equipment, like your POS system, so that these items take up as little room as possible.

Tracking Inventory & Sales
Limiting menu items will allow you to easily track how much of each ingredient goes into each one, something that is a vital part of maximizing sourcing efficiency, along with knowing how much food you can store and how long it will keep.

When it’s time for your next order, take inventory to determine what you need.

Based on what is left, how long it will last, and other previously discussed metrics, figuring out what needs to be ordered should be fairly easy.

If you ran out of something early, make sure to order more this time around.
If you have excess stock of something, run a special featuring that ingredient before it spoils.