Customer loyalty is important for your food truck.

Food Truck Loyalty: Rewards that Benefit the Customer & the Business, Part 1

There is no doubt that customer loyalty can help a food truck business grow. But how do you define customer loyalty? And how do you solicit and maintain it?

Customers keep coming back to your food truck because they love the food, aesthetic, service, and quick ticket times. If they’ve previously gotten a free meal through a promotion, this could also be a reason they have fond feelings for your brand. However, discounts alone do not build loyalty. Discounts and deals can help build loyalty among new customers. A loyalty program should thank, reward, and entice dedicated customers.

Loyalty programs should also give a food truck owners insight into customer preferences and spending patterns. In turn, owners can create better experiences for their clientele and more efficient marketing plans.

The application of customer data will generate just as much, if not more, growth than the consumer’s desire to redeem rewards will. If you are planning to implement a rewards program, why not maximize the positive impact it can have on your mobile food business? Research the available options and integrate a system that equally benefits all parties involved.

Customer loyalty happens when customers are satisfied and motivated to visit your food truck.

Types of Food Truck Customer Loyalty Programs

A decade-old paper card with one stamp out of ten needed to get a free cup of coffee – even though you purchased enough coffee to get ten free cups of coffee – is likely what comes to mind when thinking of rewards programs. This is the excellent customer loyalty program, or a product frequency program. Under this model, customers receive a punch or a stamp each time they purchase a particular product.

Once they get a certain number of punches, they are rewarded, usually, with the same product they’ve repeatedly purchased, but for free.

While this is not the best option for most food trucks, it is one to consider if you have a limited menu with one very favorite item, or if you sell one kind of food, like ice cream. If you choose to go this route, opt for an updated version of the punch card as they are difficult for customers to remember to use and keep track of and don’t allow you to track user data.

Within visit frequency programs, customers receive credit each time they visit a business and make a purchase and are rewarded after a certain number of visits. This type of program can benefit a business because it allows the owner to decide what constitutes an eligible visit, and therefore, to raise average ticket prices for rewards program members. However, owners have to be careful not to set the required spend too high, or members won’t feel like they can benefit from the program.

Tiered programs track either visits or dollars spent and upgrade customers to more top tiers once they have paid enough visits to or made enough purchases from the business.

There are usually three levels with each offering better benefits and more exclusive perks than the last. Tiered programs give customers something to work towards in the long-term, and therefore can generate retention. Although the standard in the hospitality industry, a tiered program could work for a food truck, particularly since a rewards program for catering clients.