Food truck design tips are important for the visual appeal and overall impact of your food truck.

Food Truck Design Tips, Part 1

The saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But this saying would never have come to be if humankind wasn’t prone to the exact opposite. Society does judge a book by its cover. There are many food truck design tips that food truck business owners can follow.

When we are choosing from a set of items, but have no knowledge of the benefits, we determine the best option based on our intuition. Our intuition guides us to things that make us feel good or things that we find attractive.

Visual appeal naturally dictates choices we make every day, including where we decide to eat lunch.

Of course, an appealing exterior doesn’t guarantee a fabulous interior, but if you stack a killer food truck design on top of a fantastic menu, you will surpass attraction and thoroughly impress your customers.

Without a stand-out design, your truck can be doomed to the fate of a roach-coach. Regardless of how good the food is, not many people show up at the window.

Here are some food truck design tips to maximize your brand impact.

Why You Need a Great Food Truck Design

Your truck’s design is a chance to grab people’s attention and draw them in, but you only have a few seconds to close the deal.

The design must represent the business’s brand, align with its name, logo, and menu, and fit in with a larger marketing plan.

Since you have limited space and time to share all of this information, you need to carefully think through your truck’s design, determine the most vital message you want to get across to viewers, and only include imagery and text that are essential to this message.

The more visual clutter, the longer it will take for a potential customer’s eye to land on a design’s central message and the less of the chance they will remember it.

A food truck trying to catch customers with lots of bright colors and images could be shooting themselves in the foot. The overwhelming design will draw attention, but once a pair of eyes lies on the material, they won’t know where to land.

Design should attract and then guide the viewer, leading their gaze to its core, which should include your food truck’s name and logo.

The design should be simple enough to get your message across in a natural manner, enough to portray the desired message at first glance easily, and unique enough to be remembered.