Good press is beneficial for food trucks.

How to Get Good Press for Your Food Truck, Part 1

On the surface, it would seem a food truck with fabulous fare, stellar service, and outstanding branding is headed for success, but there is more to getting there than meets the eye. In order for people to visit a food truck, they have to know about it. Social media is essential to food truck outreach and marketing, but getting good press can be even more effective than other promotions and far more credible than paid advertising.

If your food truck has an incredible menu and quality service that help it stand out, when you make a conscious effort to reach out to the media, you are bound to get results.

First you’ll need to do your research, finalize your messaging, determine what makes your truck newsworthy, and prepare to meet the media’s expectations. Once everything is in place, you’ll begin to gain from positive press. Even one popular story featuring your food truck will have expansive reach and generate genuine excitement surrounding your business that can’t be created any other way.   

Getting good press is a core component of brand awareness.

Prepare for Press Success

Although one story can bring hungry hordes to your window, remember that there are various steps you need to take along the way to make sure you’ll be featured in the press in the first place.

Your social media profiles and website need to be set up, frequently updated, and popular among your fanbase so that reporters can get to know you and new customers can find you.

Make sure all information is current on each social platform and review website. A news outlet won’t discover your truck or choose to write about it if you don’t have a strong online presence accurately portraying intriguing branding and personality, well-presented, interesting food, and patrons excited about their experiences.

In order to forge good relationships with the media, you’ll want to have a digital press kit in your online arsenal.

Your press kit should provide the puzzle pieces a journalist needs to write a story about your food truck, including the following: its background story and thematic inspiration, frequently asked questions, short biographies of individuals integral to the truck’s creation and operation, media appearances, high-resolution photographs and branded graphics/logos, press releases, and contact information.

Update your press kit regularly to provide writers with a steady stream of stories currently relevant to your food truck.

The press kit should be easy to spot on your website so that reporters can focus on telling your story rather than digging up facts. Make it easy for them and you’ll greatly enhance your chances of being featured.