Stay competitive in the food truck market

How To Compete Against Popular Food Trucks

In most large U.S. cities, the food truck market has become saturated. Gone are the days of opening a food truck to a crowd of customers, readily waiting because they don’t have many other options for a quick, tasty lunch.

In the world of fierce competition, standing out from the pack is key. To achieve long-term success and maintain alpha wolf status, a food truck must be unique in every aspect, including design, branding, food preparation, and presentation. Since customers have choices, you need to hold their interest, so your food truck remains their top choice.

Even a truck that finds initial success could soon be yesterday’s trend if unable to continuously please, excite, and entice its patrons.

Beneath the personality and pizazz, there are underlying facets that will make or break a food truck business. A unique concept will mean nothing without structure, efficiency, and consistency.

There are some essential and necessary characteristics that every food truck should have if it wishes to compete in the mobile food market, such as incredible food and friendly service. With these standards in place and originality added to the mix, a food truck will be ready to tough out the lunch crowd with the best of them.

However, other food trucks are not food trucks’ only competitors.

Food Truck Market and Competitive Advantage

Brick and mortar restaurants also pose a threat to food trucks, especially in locations where legislation tends to favor the more temporally and physically established businesses.

While having a competitive advantage over other food trucks is important, it is also important to see the bigger picture.

Food trucks stay competitive in the larger food and beverage industry because their owners work together to create an industry for food trucks and a thriving market that customers can depend on and enjoy.

Generating Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is something that puts a business in a favorable position.

Some fundamental aspects and processes, such as quality food and excellent service, when implemented and executed correctly, should give a food truck competitive advantage. You should have recipes for all menu items and maintain standards for portion size and presentation in order uphold consistency. This way customers get what they expect every time they visit your truck.

Hire employees that are qualified and capable of performing their jobs with a friendly face, even under pressure. Train your staff accordingly so that food and service are always on par.

Teach employees to sell, upsell, and recommend items to customers rather than to just take orders. And of course, emphasize the importance of stellar customer service and make sure all clients are receiving the best service possible.

Plan your food truck schedule ahead of time and make sure customers know where to find you. Know where you are going to park, get there early enough to secure a spot and share your location with your social media followers. Take it a step further and have a regular schedule so that customers will know exactly where to find you on any given day.

Continuously look into participating in festivals and events. Research the relevant ones in advance, so you to have time to reach out to the organizers and submit applications.

These and other seemingly essential aspects of a mobile food business can add up to more sales and more profit, or give your truck competitive advantage over others that are unable to provide the same quality of service, food, and experience to customers.