Good food helps with press releases.

How to Get Good Press for Your Food Truck, Part 2

Newsworthiness – For a press release to be successful, it has to contain newsworthy, relevant, and engaging content. Without offering writers a new and enticing angle, they won’t choose your pitch. A story about a new food truck opening might be old news in a saturated market, but spin the story another way, for example by focusing it on a group of food trucks opening up a food truck park, and you’ll have the reader’s attention.

Brainstorm the characteristics of your food truck that make it unique. Consider pitching stories about partnerships you’ve formed, events you are hosting or participating in, fundraisers you are a part of, or advocacy efforts you are involved in.

Even if these happenings don’t end up being covered by the press, they will still catch the attention of the community and support growth.

Inviting bloggers to personally try out your food is better than sending out a typical press release.

If you live in an area where food trucks are a new phenomenon, your grand opening is a great event to pitch.

Even if you aren’t one of the first trucks to hit the road in your town, find a unique edge to make your opening more interesting than the rest and you’ll have a newsworthy story.

Serving one-of-a-kind fusion food, having a standout theme, or planning something special for your grand opening are all reasons a writer could write about your truck. If your food truck is already open, have an anniversary event or a party to celebrate expansion to a second truck, into catering, or to brick and mortar.

Making simple and creative changes can also get the press’s attention. Draft a press release when you modify the menu, switch to eco-friendly practices, or begin hosting recurring events or specials. Even small or repeated events can make it into the local publications when they have calendars of events.

You can also try to get a spot in the press without directly asking for their interest. Try out some guerilla marketing tactics, and you might just see your food truck in the media without having sent out a press release. Start your blog and your stories can be shared on social media, or you could be asked to write a guest post for another blog.