Most of the reviews online about an average restaurant are negative.

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

No business can expect to be perfect in every customer’s opinion.

You will receive complaints, likely online, as 80% of complaints made to an average restaurant occur in the form of negative online reviews.

But, as a food truck owner, you can do what is within your power to be aware of, respond to, and prevent complaints so that as many customers as possible have positive experiences.

Here is how you can get food bloggers and critics try your food truck

Be Aware

If you plan to respond to and address negative online reviews – and you should – you must first be aware of them.

The biggest review site is Yelp, with over 121 million reviews on their platform as of February 2017. To set up your food truck, go to Yelp’s website and claim your business by proving ownership. Next, add current contact information, location, social media links, and menus. Add photos of your food truck and your most popular menu items to make the page professional.

Find out if there are other review sites popular amongst your customers, like Trip Advisor or Urban Spoon. Set up your Facebook page as a business so you can receive feedback from visitors. Contact Google to register your business with up-to-date information and customers will be able to review your business there as well.