Food Truck and Wedding Catering

Appeal, Advertising, & Networking

Weddings are a unique type of event. Like every other business, your food truck’s branding and theme matter to the customer.  To grow your business with wedding event catering, your food truck must fit within the typical norms of a wedding theme. If the design, theme, and appearance of your truck doesn’t mesh well with weddings, you may have difficulty finding willing clients.

Go for a sleek, minimal design or a vintage inspired feel if you are specifically interested in catering weddings. The same applies to your menu. Some couples do want casual weddings and greasy burgers on offer, but you will have better luck booking weddings if you serve food that traditionally fits the occasion, like locally sourced produce and meat. However, food trucks do not traditionally cater weddings, so you don’t have to be traditional to work a food truck wedding.

If you know your demographic well and can gain wedding clients from within this demographic, you should be okay no matter what you serve or how your truck looks. Before deciding to go after weddings, you do need to be sure that your demographic includes people planning weddings.

Once you are ready to start booking weddings, spread the word. Add a page about weddings along with frequently asked questions and an option to inquire about booking on your website. Share your new found expertise with your social media followers.

Tell customers as they check out that you are available to cater events. If you have a weekly or monthly routine and have developed a loyal following, the exposure alone could lead to booking weddings. Customers who frequent your truck and are a fan of your food are more likely to reserve your services for a private event.

When you are working weddings, have business cards at the ready to give to guests that may be interested in booking the food truck in the future.