Providing impeccable customer service is key to retaining customers.

Surprise & Delight Your Food Truck Customers, Part 1

When people visit a food truck, they expect an experience, not just a run-of-the-mill, grab-n’-go lunch served by employees going through the robotic motions. The majority of food truck customers are used to instant gratification. They expect impeccable customer service, quality food, and quick serving time.

They expect to find out-of-this-world food that can be made quickly at an affordable price in a convenient location, and for all of this to be delivered through a cohesive brand that they are attracted to and identify with.

This may seem like a strict set of demands, but as long as you stick to some basic principles, prepare your staff to meet standards, and infuse your food truck brand with genuine passion, you can give customers with what they want and keep them coming back again and again.

The Basics: Great Food & Great Service

The two pillars that hold up any food service business are incredible food and fantastic service. Without these, your food truck operation will crumble. Ensure that you are always providing both. Keep menu items affordable and food quality, taste, portion size, presentation, and ticket time consistent. Give friendly, attentive, and personalized service and be ready to meet specific dietary needs.

Impeccable customer service is what happens when you give patrons a memorable experience so they will keep coming back.

The key to having a menu that stands out is having a wow factor.

Invent a new fusion food or add an unexpected twist to a classic. Change your menu regularly to keep things interesting and fresh. In short, nail down creating stand-out food that is worth talking about. Once you’ve started the conversation, you can focus on spreading the word.

Customer service is essential to your food truck’s survival.

Every single customer must receive the best possible service, or your business will suffer. If just one customer has a bad experience, they will tell other people about it and are unlikely to return.

To get good recommendations, you have to do more than providing a smooth interaction; you have to provide a positive and memorable one. By doing more than taking someone’s order and working on building relationships and creating human connections, you will become known for your service, which is the heart of your reputation.