Food Truck Menu Testing

Testing Food Truck Specials and Promotions, Part 2

Before your food truck opens for business, you should conduct menu testing. Doing food truck menu testing is important. Invite friends and family, who will give you honest opinions to taste your debut menu items.

This exercise will examine the menu as a whole as well as its individual elements, recipes, presentation, portions, pricing/product cost, prep time, ticket time, and how well your brand concept aligns with your food.

You’ll get more appropriate feedback if you develop a questionnaire to guide participants, outlining exactly what you want to know. Use the results to refine the menu and related processes and repeat this exercise until you have accomplished your goals and achieved consistency, this being a necessary menu characteristic.

Once you’ve launched your business, continue testing everything else, from streamlining internal staff to practices within the kitchen.

Food truck menu testing is important.

Experiment with varying themes and layouts on your website, placing social and email list links in different locations to find out which combination leads to the most followers and sign-ups.

Follow customer activity through loyalty programs, emails, and text messages, tracking open and click-through rates and comparing them to how many people purchased something because of this contact. Do the same across social media platforms, hosting deals exclusive to your followers.