Visually striking food items will please customers.

Offer Food Truck Customers A Novel Experience

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile holds a place in all of our hearts. Why? There is nothing like the Weinermobile. Even today, as food trucks are increasingly becoming visually striking, it still stands out as one of the unique and recognizable vehicles in the food world.

The Wienermobile’s individuality and quirkiness have permanently propelled it into America’s collective memory. Your food truck’s design should be as memorable as possible while still reflecting your brand. Never forget that what customers feel is just as important as what customers see.

The client’s experience encompasses all aspects of your business and brand. Everything, from the seemingly smallest kitchen process to the face-to-face interaction with the customer, affects it, determining how fast food gets prepared, the taste, presentation, quality of customer service, and more.

You must know your business inside and out and optimize every process and practice to provide the customer with the best experience.

In a market with fierce competition, this is not enough to ensure that you remain the reigning food truck of customer choice. To attract and keep a loyal following, you need to give customers a desirable experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

Food trucks should be visually striking in order to stand out and provide kids a DIY experience.

Creating Visual Experiences

Customer experience begins when someone discovers your truck online or sees it in person for the first time. Your logo and truck wrap will immediately make the customer feel a certain way. It is vital to capitalize on this chance to make them feel excited, curious, and comfortable, or like they identify with your truck.

We make decisions based on how we feel, and how something looks is often the first clue we get as to how something will make us feel. Imagine your favorite clothing store – does their logo or even the typeface their name is written in, appeal to you?

Now think of a store you dislike and what their logo looks like. Most likely, you are attracted to the logo of the brand you enjoy and not to the one you don’t. This is because the logo represents the brand, or what you’ll find when you go inside, and is designed to appeal to a particular type of person.

A customer will initially base their experience on your food truck’s design. While remaining within the bounds of your brand and what it represents to offer customers an entirely cohesive experience, your design should attract attention and differentiate your truck from others. Think about what will make people say, “look at that!” or, “what is that?”, or what will immediately grab their interest and drive them to find out more about your food truck.

Some food trucks initially draw in customers merely because they are different sorts of vehicles.

Roving Mammoth Burritos is inside of a snowcat, allowing it to roam the slopes and serve skiers and snowboarders on Mammoth Mountain. The mobile food business, Verts, serves Berlin-style kebap from a smart car.

Other types of vehicles that could serve as customer magnets are fire trucks, VW vans, school buses, double decker buses, ambulances, and any others that aren’t common in the industry.

When a standard truck is designed in a unique way, it can make a just as much, if not more, of a statement. Maximus Minimus, a food truck serving pulled pork, looks like a pig complete with metal ears, a nose, sunglasses that make up the windshield, and a tail.

This is a spectacle that makes people stop in their tracks and enhances their experience by making it immediately fun and entertaining.

Another truck, Lulu’s Local Eatery, customized its exterior as well, but this time, rather than going for a visually stunning look, the owners decided to add a garden bed on the roof to show customers what their brand is all about. They serve local, sustainable, vegetarian food and use ingredients grown on the truck in their menu items. Just by looking at the truck, a member of the target market can get an idea of the truck’s mission, of what they are passionate about, and can identify with the truck.

If you develop a brand that generates a connection with your customers and expresses it through your name, logo, and design, this can be enough to make you stand. Sometimes all you need to do is show your true personality and create a common bond with your fans.

For example, if you love Star Wars, you’d probably be excited at the sight of the Millennium Falcon, a truck serving grilled cheese that boasts a depiction of the Millennium Falcon made of melted cheese on its side. The truck is at once clever, funny, and familiar. Viewers who understand the brand instantly feel like whoever created this brilliant truck is going to be one of their best friends. Use design to express yourself and connect with customers, and it will be love at truck’s first sight.

While the design will attract people to your truck, creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience goes beyond looks. People will initially decide how they feel about your business based on how the truck and menu items look, so remember to keep up appearances.

The truck should always look sleek and shiny like it did on the first day it opened. Meals should be arranged in a neat, attractive way. Make sure everything is presentable and clean at all times. After you’ve nailed down making a visual impression, you need to ensure that customers continue to enjoy their experience and that they’ll come back again.

You’ll build a loyal following if you can differentiate yourself from the competition and provide customers with a consistently impressive time.

Figure out how to create on top of a stand-out design to develop a unique brand and provide a unique customer experience.

Building Interactive Experiences

To come up with ways to engage your customers, think of how you can excite the five senses –sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Visual attraction through design and presentation is already discussed. Smell and taste should come quickly to a food truck business. Regularly provide excellent meals that taste and smell delicious. People will come to expect this from your vehicle, so make sure this is always what they get.

Audibly engaging customers can be accomplished simply by playing music from your truck.

Choose something upbeat and happy that you like and that fits with your brand. This gives guests something to listen to while they wait. It might not seem like much, but good music helps people enjoy themselves and creates an association between your food truck and a fun experience. Choose something other than top 40 (unless this is your favorite music!) to make your truck stand out.