Work-life balance for business owners is crucial to success in all areas of their lives.

How to Manage Work-Life Balance as a Food Truck Owner, Part 1

There is a reason work-life balance is a necessary topic of discussion in the food truck industry.

The demands of owning a food truck are intense and can often become so daunting that they overpower a person’s love for their truck, turning a dream into a chore. No matter how prepared you are to start a food truck, it will probably be harder than you anticipate.

Most owners don’t realize how much work it will be and how much it will cost, adding more pressure to an already hot cooker.

Food truck owners can put in 80-90 hours of work a week, not counting any extra administrative, managerial, or marketing tasks completed off the truck.

Start-up and operational costs usually exceed estimates due to unforeseen maintenance issues, permit and parking fees, higher cost of ingredients purchased at markets, and sales missed due to days off the road. Unexpected costs, combined with saturated and competitive markets and the expectation of high-quality food delivered at low cost, squeezes already slim profit margins.

The food truck industry is tough, but if you believe in what you are doing, consistently deliver great products and fabulous service, and balance your work and life, you can make it.

When you give your family, hobbies, and health the attention they deserve without your job life suffering, you stay at your spiritual, mental, and physical best.
You won’t lose sight of your vision and won’t become discouraged by any difficulties, allowing you to power through and build a successful business while maintaining a robust personal life.

Focusing on all parts of your life is the key to work-life balance.

Maintaining work-life balance is critical to success.

Taking Time Off

There are various strategies you can apply to manage work-life balance, but taking regular time off is one of the most effective.

There will always be something you could be doing that will support the growth of your business, and you may feel pressured to spend every waking moment working towards your goals.

However, if you don’t designate the specific time for work and specific time for play, you can become quickly overwhelmed and stressed.

You will most likely need to work on food truck-related tasks while you are at home, try to limit your work hours to an allotted period.

Imagine you work in an office and your work day is over at a certain time and stick to it. Save some time before bed to have dinner with your family, read a book, or call a friend.